Crystal Glass Ball Dollhouse Alice Dream Castle 3D Assembly DIY

Crystal Glass Ball Dollhouse Alice Dream Castle 3D Assembly DIY

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.The product design is novel, high-quality fabric furniture, each part of the material is made through a layered process.
.The small bungalow is divided into three spaces, including the living room, bedroom and baby room.
.To be on the second and third floors, there are two white simple ladders. The living room is lined with two blue plaid sofas and coffee tables, as well as floor lamps, which are simple and fresh.
.The second floor is a bedroom, the design of the bedroom is lovely princess style, pink sheets, pink carpet with polka dots, beige wardrobe, all reveal the princess-like atmosphere.
.The third floor is a baby room, the blue crib is very cute, and there is a realistic little Trojan, and the childlike fun is immediately reflected.
.When the lights are turned on by voice control, the whole cottage is covered in orange light, warm and romantic.
.On the outskirts of the hut is a grassy lawn. The green climbing vines climb to the outer wall of the hut, and bloom with bright red flowers. The white fence is also covered with small vines, and the place is full of vitality.
.On the small red bench, there are two books, and in the afternoon, the lovely little princess sat on the stool and read a fairy tale.
.After assembly, it could be used as decoration for home, cafe, restaurant, bar, storefront, office, etc.
.The production of the cottage can fully develop the child's hands-on ability, space imagination and color matching ability. The product is not suitable for children under 8 years old.
.Products are great for birthdays, Christmas, baby showers, Thanksgiving, going back to school, valentine's day, great gifts for boys, girls, friends, family and teachers.

.The specification is in English. Each step is clearly shown in the instructions and guides you to assemble the house.
.The house kit in the box is composed of furniture and accessories, which need DIY, adhesion, assembly and model to complete the house! If you can complete the challenge, you will have more happiness than just gifts or houses.
.Glue and batteries are not included in the package. Since air transport is not allowed to use them, please prepare by yourself. You can choose silicone liquid gum.


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Wood + Cloth + Paper + Plastic
.Product Size: 12*12*12cm
.Product Weight: 600g
.Package Dimensions: 14*14*14cm
.Package Weight: 800g
.Packing: Graphic Carton

Package Content:
.1Set x Creative House (Including: 3 x LED Light + 1 x User Manual)

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